Welcome to jadedioswrites.com

Welcome and thank you for visiting jadedioswrites.com. This website was made possible through a grant from Queens Council on the Arts.

I’m excited to share with you the progress of my first full manuscript, 69-06 Roosevelt Avenue. I developed the story for several reasons: as a testament to the immigrant experience, a tribute to the experiences based on my own family, and as a contribution to the Filipino-American experience.

I have studied literature and writing throughout college and grad school and what I found absent was a story that reflected my own. Rather than wait for someone else to write it, I took it upon myself to do it. My favorite author, Lois-Ann Yamanaka once said, “If you do not see yourself in print, you do not exist.” So here’s my solution, in written form.

A friend who knows me well asked what kind of tone will I choose for my blog? I replied with “helpful”, “informative”, and “thought-provoking”. I also said that the topics I wanted to cover through my blog are: art, books, culture, food, motherhood, working women, women’s empowerment, and writing.

“What about [being] funny?” She asked. “You can be really funny when you let go!”

That too. I’ll try to be funny. Thank you for the reminder!

Is there anything else you, the reader, would like to see though this blog? Please contact me. I look forward to your comments.

– JD